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Company brief introduction

Solarmeteo is a new Sino-Slovak joint venture, established by IGEN Tech and Solargis (previously GeoModel Solar), in Wuxi, in 2015. In Solarmeteo we merged the innovative effort of the founding companies with the objective to offer accurate solar and meteorological data, software services and consultancy for solar energy market in China.

Solarmeteo benefits from the know how and expertise of two high-tech companies, active in solar electricity sector, worldwide. Company Solargis brings solar resource database, photovoltaic software and consultancy that are recognized as the most reliable on the global market. IGEN Tech developed a strong position on Chinese and international photovoltaic market in supply of hardware components and operating a performance monitoring platform.

By its products and services, Solarmeteo contributes to effective utilization of abundant solar resources for electricity generation and to improving clean air for Chinese people. Our solar and meteorological data and software reduce economic and technical uncertainty in photovoltaic power plants, save money and increase ROI of the customers. We offer consultancy and services that are available at all stages of PV and CSP projects: from planning to the project development, monitoring, performance assessment and forecasting. Our team will be pleased to contribute to success and economical growth of solar power sector in China.

Solarmeteo - Green Energy - Cleaner Air

Innovative and advanced solutions for solar resource assessment, planning, monitoring and forecasting of solar photovoltaic power plants

High resolution solar and meteorological data, with coverage in West and Central China from 1999 and for East China from 2007

Regular update of the database, suitable also for routine performance assessment of PV power plants

Solargis satellite-calculated solar resource data are validated at more than 400 ground measurement sites worldwide

Products and Solutions


Site selection & Planning

iMaps is an interactive map providing solar radiation and meteorological data with very high detail and accuracy. Every click on the map shows the solar potential for a selected site

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pvPlanner is on-line tool for accurate calculation of PV electricity potential within minutes. You can compare energy yield from various PV technology options and different mounting systems

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Due Diligence

climData is an online shop with solar radiation and meteorological data (historical time-series, recent time-series, Typical Meteorological Year)

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pvSpot is on-line application for reliable performance monitoring and evaluation of a PV power plant. You can compare actual PV power production with the expected power production, simulated by our software and our systematically updated solar and meteorological data

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Up to 7 days forecast of global horizontal and tilted radiation, temperature and PV electricity output

More information

Consultancy and expert services

Bankable solar resource assessment report

  • Comprehensive analysis of local solar and meteo data
  • Quality control of ground measured data and site adaptation of Solargis time series
  • This report is used in site selection and pre-feasibility assessment of a solar power plant

Bankable PV yield assessment report

  • Assessment of site-specific PV electricity production based on PV configuration, solar radiation and meteorological data
  • Data delivered as historical time series data and Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) for the project site
  • This report is used in design, engineering and due diligence of PV power plants

Bankable performance assessment of PV plant report

  • Analysis of power production and performance of existing power plant, comparison of real electricity output with simulations
  • Data delivered as time series data for the location of a power plant
  • This report is used in performance monitoring and quality control of a PV power plant

Recent news

iMaps and pvPlanner database update

We updated the solar resource data for iMaps and pvPlanner prospecting tools for Chinese territory. The Solargis updated database now represents data for the period from 1999 (Western China) and from 2007 (Eastern China) to the end of the year 2015. In addition to extended temporal coverage, the updated data also benefits from regional improvements to the model inputs, especially aerosols. In terms of geographical coverage, iMaps and pvPlanner are now available globally for any location on land between latitudes 60°N and 45°S.

Company Solargis is partner of World Bank for solar resource assessment services

In a competitive procurement process, led by the World Bank Group, Solargis has been selected for solar resource assessment and mapping services. Solargis has already been assisting the World Bank with solar resource mapping and measurements in Maldives, Malawi and Zambia. In collaboration with the World Bank Group we are looking forward to provide better access to high-quality solar resource and meteorological data to support the development of national-level solar energy strategies, and more reliable resource assessment for development of solar power plants.
Learn more about the World Bank’s solar resource mapping initiative

New Himawari satellite brings improvements to Solargis in Pacific region

GeoModel Solar released this April the Solargis model from Himawari-8 satellite data. A new generation Himawari-8 satellite, operated by Japan Meteorological Agency from January 2016, replaces older MTSAT satellite (decommissioned in late March 2016).

    Thanks to new generation satellite data, we implemented improvements in Solargis modelled solar resource data:
  • 10-minute time-step
  • More spectral channels employed in the identification of the clouds and snow detection
  • Two times higher spatial resolution and image quality
  • Short data retrieval delay allows nowcasting of solar resource and PV electricity generation

Training in Beijing: sharing our knowledge with Chinese professionals and the public

We shared our knowledge with professionals in solar energy industry in Beijing during seminar Assessment of solar resource measurement technology exchange. The event was organized on April 1st 2016 by our partner company RETEC. Managing Director of GeoModel Solar Mr. Marcel Suri was also interviewed by journalists from CSPPLAZA. The discussion was focused on the state-of-art techniques in solar modelling, the importance of using reliable data for the solar power industry and the specific challenges in solar resource assessment in China.

Solar radiation and PV forecast service extended to China and other regions

Since January 2016, forecast service has been extended to new world regions. Present coverage includes China, Japan, Korea, most of Europe, India, USA and other regions. Solargis provides forecast of solar radiation parameters (GHI, GTI), PV electricity output (PVOUT) and air temperature (TEMP) for time horizon of 0 to 48 hours ahead. Data are delivered via FTP.


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